Saturday, March 25, 2006

Oh Great Joy!

All week I've been longing for a little quiet time. Leslie and a bunch of the church ladies (is bunch the correct term or should it be gaggle?) had a "pamper me and eat together and worship and study" time at church so she came home refreshed. I was working (I do side work close to home) with a young friend of mine and spent a great deal of time in fellowship. I'd really like to share some beauty about our discussions but I can't until the right time comes. I returned home about the same time Leslie did. We shared some time together, played with the little kids for awhile then served them some dinner. The house got so loud and the time spent outdoors this morning made me tired and impatient. My superfresh beauty and my awesome daughter took the kids to the park to let me have some quiet time. I didn't ask her, she just gifted me with it. Wow! It seems like its been forever since I could call out to Jesus out loud and have a sit-down conversation with no distractions. Thank you maker of all things for pouring into me. Thank you for the heart wash. I've been reading alot about the emergent church. I think there is some misconception by either me or alot of other people. I don't think its as dangerous to doctrine and "religion" as some do. I don't think its even something that is intentional (by that I mean an organized assault on the traditional church model) but rather a response to an increase that I have definitely noticed. By increase I mean the movement of the Holy Spirit, the desire of the Church to be more effective in sharing the good news, a desire for "a closer walk with thee". This "modern" and "post-modern" talk is new to me. What I know is this, without using a large vocabulary, people meet Jesus through love, people grow in Christ through fellowship. People become like Christ because they die to their fleshly desires and surrender themselves to be made anew. I like the idea of taking God out of the church and into the lives of people.

Family is back so I'm gone.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sam

Christ is Risen Indeed.

thank you for sharing and for keeping the faith. I have been visting your blog - a breath of fresh air- to hear the song "look what you have to me" time and time again. Thank you for linking to it.

Blessings and the Mercy of the Lord Jesus be with you always

in Christ