Sunday, March 26, 2006

Church today

awesome sermon on charism today by Rev. Ken Nash, more specifically healing. I had a difficult time not shouting a "Wooo" and punching the air. I would have but I try to be sensitive to the seekers at this service, don't want to chase someone away their first day visiting, and one was sitting right in front of me. This particular "service" is held in our high school gym due to the lack of room at our sanctuary and to the reluctance of some seekers to enter into a church building. Its an outreach. After this service we went to the sanctuary where about 70 of us worshipped together and discussed Galations 2:20. To be honest I didn't have any thoughts prepared on the verse. The time together was great though and its a chance to just build a relationship with a bunch of people I don't get to be with often. The talk ventured from the verse into practical living in the truth of the verse and I certainly have a lot to say about that.

I took the boys to the park this afternoon. The winter has birthed a protective/controlling spirit in me over the dog and the boys. I found myself calling them back when they got just a little outside of around 200 ft. Once I noticed this I sat down and became an observer rather than a keeper. Coleman would "race" out in ever-widening circles and return yelling "I win!" as I pulled him into me and planted a kiss on his forehead. The dog chased birds out of sight but came racing back. Calvin, ever the independant one, barely knew anyone else was around but didn't venture too far, just far enough to gather pockets full of acorns. It was peaceful to hear the mourning doves singing their love songs, the teens leisurely playing a game of horse, and watching my sons make guns out of sticks and conquer the entire park. They are fierce. The boys are warriors.

Prayers up for an increase in the movement of the Holy Spirit in our church. Prayers up for my son (I think I still have another one) who is flying to Arizona tomorrow for Spring Break. Prayers up for those who have lifted their butts out of the pews to join in the battle, may they be strong in the Lord and not be discouraged. Prayers up for my older daughters who are blooming into absolute beauties. Prayers up for my life-giver, my beauty, my crowning jewel of creation, she sure has her hands full every day with these toddlers. Prayers up for Tim and Chamille, they've recently joined a different statistic and need encouragement and wisdom. Prayers to you, whoever you are who took the time to read this bit of life as it is being lived, in advance mode.

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