Thursday, March 23, 2006

My Desire in Shortstroke

I was reading "Streams of Living Water" last night after men's group at church and come to realize that for the past year or so the Holy Spirit has been at work "de-churching" me to open my heart. We discussed the heart transformation last night and how sometimes we are to commit to study, worship, fellowship, prayer, etc. out of obedience and love for Jesus and while we present ourselves "before" God in our obedience he changes us. No amount of diligence on our part can create this change in us (showing why many secular methods of treating certain psychological disorders may show short-term success but lead to long-term failure) because WE do not make the change, we only come to the feet of he who makes the change. The world desires and needs people who have put every personal agenda and desire for personal gain aside and can meet people eye to eye and face to face and hand to hand with a sincere desire to love them where they are at and to help them as they need helped. This is what being a disciple of Christ means, not entering into discussions of sacraments or beliefs or any of that stuff that causes division but to unite in the Son and find the commonality of the body of Christ. Hey, if you like to burn incense when you contemplate the person of Christ, great, I never have but I'd sure like to try it and I think I'll pick some up at the store this afternoon and give it a go.

Love and Peace!

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