Thursday, September 03, 2009

Today's the Day I Won't Live In a Hurry

All week I've been running around like a (insert favorite colloquialism here) and today I'm just not going to do it. I'm going to make every attempt to clean my desk, organize my activities, and enjoy the work that I do. I may have to speed up my body but I've had my mind racing enough all week to warrant some thoughtfulness, a little cogitation together with my action. For instance, typically I drive in listening to NPR, a podcast on my MP3 player, or maybe a favorite CD. I rarely look at the faces of the other drivers I meet in oncoming traffic. This morning I left the noise off and drove in silence, through the fog, intentionally watching each and every face I could see in oncoming traffic and also, between oncoming traffic and fog banks, a little of the greened-up countryside. Autumn is approaching quickly with winter following on her footsteps so a picture-perfect vision of a lush alfalfa field or rich Maple grove will be a good thought in February. So much time I've spent driving and not noticing things...I'm in a hurry to slow down today. I'll bet that sounds good to many of you too.