Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I start as a blogger

I wrote to Shirley Nielsen today in preparation for my trip to Kokhanok. I'm tired of waiting for something to happen that I can be a part of, I'm going to start something. Something rich, something real, something full of pain but well worth the cost. Don't we all count the cost? What if the cost balances out to the most fulfilling LIFE I can possibly imagine? Wow is it hard to concentrate on doing just life the everyday office affords. I need to feel the wind in my face and the frost on my head. I need to hear the still soft voice riding on the tortured landscape of Alaska. I need to shout to the mountains that there is victory in Jesus and that he is not safe, not tame, not lying around eating grapes and telling parables! He's walking for hours in the dust and lying down beside a well, parched and dry, to tell a slut that he is the source of living water and that he loves her.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sam, did you hear from Shirley Nielsen? Was she able to help you?

Sam Clark said...

No, I never heard from Shirley Nielsen. I did get to know her quite well once I reached Kokhanok. She is everyone's grandma it seems like, even if she is not related to you. Wonderful Christian lady. I've got an interesting story as a follow-up to that but I keep forgetting to bring my journal to work. I can't do it justice without exact dates because its important to see how God was working with the dates.