Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What if 5

What if we didn't laugh about eating too much? Would more people have enough to eat?


Dennis Mullen said...

I really like this string of posts. I just finished watching Shane Claiborne's video on poverty (from his series "Another World is Possible") and he asks all kinds of questions like this. I know you're a Shane fan, and the video contains various visual presentations and talks by Shane highlighting some of the content of his book.

Sam said...

I haven't watched it yet. My wife and I went to Mars Hill last night to listen to Shane speak. He told this story of a couple that invited a homeless pregnant woman into their home. Her and her daughter have lived there with the couple for ten years - they helped her through nursing school. The wife is now dying of something, can't remember but it might be cervical cancer, and the single mom, now a nurse, is caring for her through her struggle. That killed me. Its so difficult to tell who is the helper and who is the helped in God's economy. I'm not done with the what if's, I just don't have alot of time to spend on the computer these days.