Tuesday, March 13, 2007

God's Glory in the Strangest Places

I was listening to a vodcast from UCTV called "Atomic and Astrophysics: The Synthesis of Molecules in the Universe" and found something nothing short of poetic. In the first 200 seconds of Genesis that scientists refer to as the "big bang", in an environment of extreme heat(something in the billions of degrees celcius) stray protons and neurons were hurled through, uh, space (still not sure about whether space is something or nothing) and in their collision combined to create what astrophysicists call deuterons. Two deuterons also moving erratically through space were combined to create an alpha particle, He2+.

So He was the alpha particle, there in the beginning, from which all matter formed. Close, real close.

I know I'm taking it all out of context, I said it was POETIC, nothing more. I'd have called it irony but thats Fe not He. MMmmm Hmmm, its late.

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MJ said...

Well, they keep looking....eventually they will find him. It's just a matter of time.