Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Another Good Idea Brought to You By the God of Abraham

Male circumcision reduced HIV incidence in men without behavioural disinhibition. Circumcision can be recommended for HIV prevention in men.

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Adam J said...

Huh, funny how all those Old Testament rules and such are actually good for us. You know, the classics, like circumcision and not eating blood...I'm down with it.

Sam said...

the deeper I dig the more complete the story becomes. I hate to look at it as evidence because just a little faith is all Jesus asks but it is to God's glory that my faith can be rooted in the law, the prophets, the songs, the poems, the epistles, the gospels, and his word written in the story of my life. One of God's instructions through Moses and through most leaders that followed after him in God's name was 'remember'.