Thursday, March 01, 2007

And the Psalms Continue

I don't have any angst to bring today. I was called melancholy last night and thats okay, its out of the edge of my own personal comfort blanky to get up in our church sanctuary and lead a discussion - much easier to do in a small setting. Thats the closest I could get to angst. It is joy (oh no the j word, for lack of a better term or shallow vocab or something) to have the kind of evening I did yesterday. We had some good discussion on the Psalms, Longfellow, revelation (the word, not the book), and response. I was able to share the story I told in yesterday's post, which some liked and I'm sure some felt uneasy about.

Men's group was full of lively discussion and I'd like to share it here but can't. My own personal agenda lately has been marriage, family, and life and the preservation of those but in spite of my own agenda and my compelling arguments I was humbled and took my seat again as a student of Jesus who never has anything figured out.

The pinnacle of the evening was spent with my wife as she shared with me her day with the children (I barely get to see them on Wednesdays).

My daughter (5) loves to sing as many little ones that age do. I've never heard her make up a song but apparently last night she did. She made up some song about a little fish and Jesus and swim, swim, swiming against the stream -thats all my wife could remember. Anyway, her teacher asked Leslie if she had a tape or CD or something so the rest of the class could learn it because she'd never heard it and it fit right in to her lesson, etc. Leslie had no idea where the song came from so she just said she'd check with my daughter and see if she could help out. When asked about the song my daughter said she didn't remember it and ask her again tomorrow because she might then. I asked her to sing it this morning and it wasn't there. Like a butterfly it had spent its beauty in its short life and now was nothing more than a half-memory for my wife and a few words on a screen for me.

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