Monday, March 19, 2007

Mainstream Press

I thought I'd check the time and date of Shane Claiborne's visit to Mars Hill, Grandville, MI and found an an article in "In These Times" giving press to the Christian revolution or "insurgency" as Rob Bell of Mars Hill refers to it. I'm looking forward to dinner with an old friend and then catching Shane's talk entitled "Finding Your Own Calcutta".

I teamed up with about a half-dozen other guys and cooked and served over 800 meals this past weekend. It was good.

I've met about twenty other people this past week that are adjusting their lives toward a more "costly" discipleship. It is encouraging to witness the awakening through the body to a leaner, more effective gospel. Their work and message is condensed while the sparkle in their eyes speak volumes. Wow.

I drove past two red cows.

They found a different path than the other thirty

in a field with no paths, no streams, no rocks

nothing to guide them but each other

away from the thirty.

just two.

How significant those two

as the small Hyacinth in the seat next to me

stood out among the roses

in their red rosiness and green vases in the flower display

dwarfing the mundane white Hyacinth in their richness.

But the Hyacinth, on a different path,

always smells more beautiful than the rest

away from the thirty.

I'll never forget those two cows nor the smell of the Hyacinth.


MJ said...

awesome! What a beautful piece of imagery.

Sam said...

once in awhile I'm dead, I tilt my mind and we hang