Friday, January 12, 2007


Just some random thoughts since I finished up with my work and have alot on my mind. I somehow ended up on this webpage of a 11 yr. old artist/poet. You should check it out.

Last night I listened to Jane Fonda as she spoke to UCSB students and faculty regarding her "third act" or what her life is like after 60. She hasn't changed much but she is against plastic surgery (for vanity), republicans, war, patriarchy, masculinity, and is a proponent of "owning one's self", and counts herself among Christians. Her theology is developing but made two solid comments. 1. Jesus was a feminist and 2. She is learning but referred to Gnostic teachings as her source. Praise be to God for calling her toward the narrow road and I pray that the living Jesus becomes her goal. Her story is good and she is bright. She's a great expression of God's creativity but I don't agree with much of anything she says regardless of her political affiliation.

Today my ex wife and I firmed up an appointment with her pastor to discuss our parenting. We are so not on the same page and have so much to repent of. Divorce is such a cesspool. The differences we've had over the years that as seedlings were the source of the hopelessnes we both felt have come to fruit and are now bearing seeds in our children. We can get to the root but we will have to be united. It would be a first. Firsts are good. How to be firm in my faith yet humble in spirit is something I've only learned recently and I'm not real good at it yet. We meet Sunday evening this weekend.

On a lighter note, I get to drive down tomorrow to see my son at boarding school wrestle. He's a great student and a fine wrestler. To top it off his girlfriend and my one twin are riding with me so we'll have some great conversation on the way down. I look forward to the entire day. It will be a time to let the Holy Spirit prepare me and gird me for the ensuing battle between the Will of God and my own will.

Have a great weekend!

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