Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Human Rights?

I'm going through the entire old testament in 12 wks. with a group of people at our church. Tonight is my night to lead the message/discussion on Leviticus, Numbers, and Deutoronomy. Yes its alot but we're not going verse by verse, merely doing an overview. I'm glad we are doing that. Often I read the Bible in a treasure-seeking, verse by verse study using commentaries and the original language etc. to just appreciate the beauty of the language, humanity, and God's creativity in all of that - but miss the "forest for the trees"

Genesis is the story of Creation and the Fall of man.

Exodus is the story of Redemption

Leviticus is a picture of God teaching man how to worship

Numbers is a picture of Man's unbelief and God's grace and justice

Deutoronomy is a picture of Man "getting it" and applying all that he has been taught to enjoy God's promise.

Notice, in each of the above themes we tend to be the catalyst for screw-ups and God, the wonderful Father that he is, is faithful in guiding us back toward his will where we can enjoy Him.

I listened to a piece of Rev. Jesse Jackson's talk at Central Michigan University last night. He spoke of pollution as a violation of human rights, media ownership as a civil rights issue, along with a myriad of other 'civil rights' issues that I don't need to cite to make my point.

Its not about our RIGHTS. We don't have RIGHTS. Its not our STORY.

Oh God please humble us in your presence. We desire to live our lives to your Glory and not our own. Shut up the mouths of those that worship humanity and their own selfish interests and pour out the wisdom it will take us to align ourselves with the restoration of creation. Make our desire to honor you by any means that you see fit for we've been like Israel as they were in the desert -slow to recognize your beauty and strength, and quick to forsake your plan for our lives in honor of our own. The trek that took them 40 years could have been done in 40 days yet they were disobedient, hard-hearted, and as stone against the potters hand. Soften our hearts of stone Lord and help us be your clay.

My 5 yr. old always says Hallelujah at the end of a prayer.

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