Monday, January 08, 2007

Sin doesn't Separate

Leslie and I were watching some show on the history channel this weekend and she said "can't they see their sin is what separates them from God?" or something like that and an almost audible voice in me said, "no it doesn't, nothing can separate you from my love". So I looked it up. This has been preached so much in every church I've been in, sin separates. I looked it up. There are only two places in the Bible (one in KJV in Isaiah that does not read the same in the NIV and one in Romans that is both in the KJV and the NIV) that refers to man being separated from God. In both cases the text was referring to people that did not submit themselves to God, ever. You are not separated from God by sin. He is always there. He may or may not be glorified by your life(style) but he's always there if you've chosen to receive him. Just try and hold your breath and see whether his will is being done over the will of creation. When you feel God is not there it is your feelings, look for him where he will be, watching your back, and turn into his life.

Pastors, stop teaching this, it keeps people from really knowing the God Who is There.

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