Tuesday, January 16, 2007

BBC NEWS | Europe | Polish MPs bid to make Jesus king

BBC NEWS Europe Polish MPs bid to make Jesus king

But Monsignor Tadeusz Pieronek, a member of Poland's episcopate and rector at Krakow's Papal Academy of Theology, dismissed the move.
"Christ doesn't need a parliamentary resolution to be the king of our hearts," AFP news agency quoted him as saying.
"These lawmakers would do better to look after their constitutional prerogatives and let religious institutions and the Church do our work," he said.

I thought this a very strange thing for the Monsignor to say. Does he believe Christ died a physical death on the cross so he could establish his Kingdom in our hearts? Is there no connection between the natural and the supernatural? How do we explain why we are here then? Why didn't God just stick to the supernatural where he belongs?

I don't think we can legislate people into believing in Jesus Christ but I applaud those members of parliament for the message that they were trying to send. I believe Monsignor's definition of the "Church" and my own definition of the "Church" is somewhat different. I believe those members in Parliament were being the "Church" in the context in which they've been placed.

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