Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Social Issues

I am staunchly against abortion. I could go into a diatribe about it but it boils down to one thing, life. I'm into life.

I was reading last night and discovered that in the 1820's women developed many societies that instituted several movements for social reform. Abortion was outlawed as was birth control devices and information. Women were the first to speak against slavery, for prohibition, and against prostitution. Our society has come a long way. What is it now? The fight for "women's reproductive rights"?

I brought up the issue of abortion in our Men's group last week. I didn't know that the UMC national is pro-choice. Our congregation is predominantly pro-life. When I started celebrating there it was obvious. Now it is not so obvious. One guy in our men's group was very surprised to find out that national is pro-choice, the other that was outspoken has been going to the church for 40 yrs. and he muttered something about social issues coming and going and trailed off to basically say - lets get on with the self-help group shall we? Dilemma. I love my church but I cannot take one thin dime of God's money and put it in a plate that might send part of it to support the pro-choice agenda ($400,000 given in 2004 to pro-choice cause). I've got to wrestle with that. Our new pastor is pro-choice. This is where the rubber meets the road. Right or wrong I have to act. God will not be glorified if I don't stand or I won't learn a valuable lesson if I don't stand. I'm not going to leave, its my church family and I love them.

Just for kicks, check out the location of the Planned Parenthoods in your city. Rochelle Riley is worried about the black on black violence in Detroit - she should get some statistics on how many of her race have died since Roe vs. Wade.

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