Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Chickens Part 2

Some think of chicken as the fowl running in the hedges or along a barnyard followed by a bunch of chicks, all that is domestic and cute but not really anything more than the image of an bygone era replaced by chicken factories churning out leg quarters - nothing to be taken seriously anymore since truth is too difficult to pin down.

Another might think the only way to really know what a chicken is is to inspect it as it is pulled apart, disembowelled, the individual particulars then counted and analyzed and passed under a microscope until the fact that they began with a chicken is lost to the story of their own study of the particulars.

Still another group think of chicken in patties, buffalo wings, and tenders - it tastes like what they think chicken should taste like and sometimes looks like chicken and they are told it is chicken so they eat it and forget about it but somehow know, when they get to a really good plate of chicken, that what they'd been eating was not chicken anymore but what the chicken processors felt they needed from the chicken.

I read an article yesterday, written by a denominational leader, criticizing parachurch (not extra-church) organizations. He felt they should be considered apostate for going out apart from the leadership of the local church. I have trouble faulting a person or an organization that discovers that they can touch more people by NOT subjecting Christ's mission to the heirarchy set up in the local church (whose agenda is and should be the reaching and teaching the gospel to the context they find themselves in). I wonder how far Paul would have travelled if he had placed himself under Peter's authority after Christ spoke to him?

God Bless the revolutionaries who still see chicken as a beautiful bird God made to feed us! Much like the beautiful Word he gave us for the same purpose. Religion kills mission and the Gospel.


Jon said...

Amen, brother. Preach it.

How can anything of the kingdom be outside of the church anyway?

The church is the body--the collective. Not a small group of people with a building that you can draw a circle around.

MJ said...

Wait a minute, maybe I should get permission from my church to have a blog and I should subject all my submissions to their approval because blogging could be considerred a parachurch ministry. Give me a flippin' break. I'm sorry. Stuff ike this gets me mad. applaud people for taking the stinking bull by the horns. Authority craving submission freaks..Oo that burns my biscuits.