Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blue Day

Yesterday I made the painful decision to fire a young guy that has been working with us for a year and a half. I've known this guy since he was 12 and love him like my own son. I don't know why he's been absent alot and late alot and he doesn't tell me anymore, not since his girlfriend dumped him, but out of concern for our small company and the welfare of the families that rely on our small company I had to make a really tough decision. I tried to let him know how much it hurt to do this and I've offered to help him in any way I can but its really next to impossible to say you care from a personal perspective (to him) and to tell others in the business you care about them too while allowing another employee to bring the company down. There were other circumstances that I won't mention but suffice it to say it hurts really bad. His dad came in and made an ass of himself - screaming at me and my boss, but I don't blame him I guess, he only knows part of the story. His dad has a trailer that I let him borrow but that doesn't mean much right now.

God please help Tim, my whole family loves that guy and we cherish the time we've spent with him and his family. Send your angels to protect him from evil. Lord you know his heart and you know mine. Amen.

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Dennis said...

That is a rough thing to go through. You'll be in my prayers today.