Monday, November 27, 2006


I was going to give a review on J.C. Polkinghorne's book "Exploring Reality The Intertwining of Science and Religion" but I thought it best to just put a link to his website so you could go and check out his work yourself. I did enjoy the book immensely but do not agree with him on several points. I don't have to but I do believe that this man loves Jesus as well as anyone that I've met and is doing his best to use his gifts to help us to build our faith. One major point that I don't agree with is his decision to accept compromise with those wishing to use human embryonic stem cells, or as I would say it, vital parts of prenates, in research that has proven (and he says it himself) flawed. Dolly the lamb took 277 tries to clone and then she died from premature aging that no one can explain. We don't need improvement on creation to this degree and whether a prenate is 14 days old or younger (the age at which science has determined a prenate may have a soul since that is when identical twins separate) doesn't mean it isn't alive and already human. If our top scientists say we are going to need genetic engineering to provide food into the 22nd century then maybe that is a sign that we are not going to all live into the 22nd century. I don't see the same evidence as Dr. Polkinghorne for joining God in creation. I don't know many scientists, just one, but he is quite candidly as opposed to trusting humanity to preserve humanity as I am. It'd sure be nice to read a scientist that could say, "wow we've made a fat lot of mess out of what we've done so far, maybe we should ask the person of Jesus what he would like us to work on". Dr. Polkinghorne, I admire your mind, I admire your conviction, I admire your selflessness, but we don't agree on what Jesus desires of us.


Sam Clark said...

By the way, Fr. Polkinghorne, I'd take the sword, you never know when you might need one. Dr. Polkinghorne is also a Knight.

bluesbaby said...

Dude, I am so with you. I am presently taking an environmental science class and it is depressing the heck out of me. I am not a serious tree hugger, but I try to take measures to preserve what we have to some degree. But, yeah I would love to hear a scientist say that...that would be awesome. Anytime we get our hands into something, we screw it up. You would think we would learn that by now. This reminds me of the post I wrote on Uuzah...Why would you mess with God's picture like that? You are inviting trouble.