Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Breaking the Moon

Leslie and I were talking about Loner types last night. Our son Calvin is one. He spends most of his day alone and prefers it. He does maintain a healthy relationship with the family, in no way can be considered aloof, and plays with the other two little ones but he often has fantasies much too fantastic for the other two to take part in so he’s often alone because they can’t catch his vision. Last night he saw the half moon in the eastern sky and quickly shared with us a story of how bad guys came out of the alley and he hit them so hard they flew up and broke the moon. I can’t wait to read his blogs. The children are such a source of wisdom for me. Their innocense is my teacher and when I disbelieve that what Calvin dreams about could actually happen I'm reminded that my heart must once again repent of anything separating me from that childlike faith. Noah built an ark, Abraham left Ur, David killed Goliath, Joseph married Mary, Peter hung upside down, Paul wrote from Prison, Augustine rebuked the Romans, Luther nailed his heart to a door, Suzanna Wesley had her "House Church", Martin Boehm was ex-communicated, and Loners will continue to be used to Glorify God. The cost is heavy but the reward is immeasurable.

Calvin, tell me a story.


KJV said...

There are many different “Bible” versions today claiming to be the Word of God. Each one tells us that it is the most reliable, most accurate, etc. etc.. But which of them is God’s Word? Since they all disagree with one another, we can’t possibly say that they all are. Can we? Are we to suppose that God has written more than one Bible and that he makes statements in one and then disagrees with himself in another? No, of course not. God only wrote one Bible. How, then, do we go about determining which “Bible” is the Bible? If we look to human opinion for the answer, we will find nearly as many opinions as we find people. One person will like one. Another person will prefer another. Yet a third person will assure us that it really doesn’t matter, telling us that any of them will do just fine. Since we aren’t interested in human opinion here, we need to look to scripture for help in resolving this issue. There are two questions that we will need to consider. (1) Which are the correct manuscripts?
(2) Which is the proper translation of those (the correct) manuscripts

Sam Clark said...

In answer to your questions I submit:

1. Your KJV says "Ask and it shall be given unto you". Whenever I read scripture from any of the translations we have I ask the Holy Spirit to help me as Jesus promised he would. This is the best I can do.

2.Its important to seek the meaning of any translation by looking at the language it was interpreted from and the meaning of the words. It is impossible to translate phileo, agape, eros, into the English word "Love" without losing the savor of the salt. It also helps to put the words into the historical context they were written. Archaeology is continuously uncovering additional information concerning the daily lives of the early church and that has a significant impact on the scripture that we are interpreting. So no, we can't say they all are. I'd rather say they all aren't but a person has to have a place to begin and with the aid of the Holy Spirit and much study and prayer, will be blessed with knowledge and wisdom.

I like the KJV, I don't like legalism. WWJD - it still means something.

bluesbaby said...

I have a son like that too. I was an only child, so I had no choice but to be a loner type. I like people, but after a while they just overstimulate me and I need a nap. I had a good long talk with my loner guy the other day. Sometimes I know he feels sad that people don't always understand him. He's 9, so he is starting to get a little more complex. Anyhow, I told him what I learned from being that way myself. The great thing about being comfortable being alone is the freedom that you have. No-one can make or break you with their opinions of you. You always have you and you are someone you like to be with, so that's just fine. Not to say that relationships aren't important, but loners just don't live by them the way a lot of people tend to...and I found God in the quiet of being alone and I treasure that. Anyhow, I really like your blog. You have a lot of neat things to say.

Sam Clark said...

Bluesbaby, I've been out of town a few days working in the awesome wilds of northern Michigan and just got back to see emails regarding your comments. Thanks for the read. What are these blogs without someone reading right? If you read something that stinks, its probably me but if you read something inspiring, its not me but that who Christ has rescued from me.