Monday, May 15, 2006

Preparing to Go to Alaska

The dehydrator has been going full for a couple weeks now. Please pray for me as the date draws near for my departure. As of this evening I do not have a contact within the village that will actually email me back so the mystery of whether I'll be welcomed or shunned remains. If I have to spend 5 weeks outside the village praying for the people of Kokhanok, so be it. I don't believe that will happen but I am prepared for it. I have explained the trip to so many people without really knowing what God's plan is for my visit there that it seems almost like I'm talking about someone else's trip. I've had blueberry muffins that were so full of blueberries that they wouldn't hold together and also muffins that had like one blueberry in them and to me they were both muffins and I didn't hesitate to eat them. I guess I'll view this trip like that, a blueberry muffin - God will be the one to decide the number of blueberries, if any, and I'll just make sure the coffee is hot to go with it.
Love and Joy


Anonymous said...

In response to your article of Preparing to go to Alaska.

Well, Sam, how many blueberries did God decide to put in the blueberry muffin? Did you find the village of Kokhanok hurting as you thought you would? Did God provide someone to welcome you into their village or this time did you have to spend the 5 weeks outside the village praying for the people of the village? Sometimes events do not work out as we hope, since God's timing isn't ours. Were you able to come back home with new friends from the village of Kokhanok?

I am sure that God worked through you, even if it was only in a way of being obedient in saying "Yes, Lord I will go where you lead me." If your trip didn't work out as you had hoped there is always a next time when God calls.

Keep listening to His call. God Bless You in your journey.

Sam Clark said...

To answer your questions:

I don't believe the blueberry was a good example, too finite. We eat as he prepares and there is never an end.
I found the village hurting as expected. I will get at my next entry on my trip to Kokhanok this weekend. I do have many new friends in Kokhanok and I miss them. I heard from one of them last week, he is going to send me a picture of me next to a C-130 transport.

Thank you for your blessing, anonymouse.