Thursday, October 23, 2008

A New Economy

I think we're getting one and something tells me it won't work with my paypal account or American Express. Don't the names of those companies just seem prophetic at this point? It would be ironic if it were the least bit funny.


Jon said...

It's a good thing. Because "local" is returning.

"Global" is, and always was, a bad idea.

Remember "local," my friend.


sam said...

another McKibben fan maybe?

I know it would be ultimately for the good of the world but its going to hurt alot before the decayed tooth of global gets yanked from the jawbone of society. In the grand scheme of things it really is a baby tooth and there is something bigger and brighter to take its place.

I read what I wrote and its a really, really bad metaphor but I'm leaving it just so others can slap their foreheads and wonder at the stuff that goes through my mind.

Jon said...

It's a great metaphor.