Thursday, September 11, 2008

Faith Like a Child

I believe, help me in my unbelief...

Five-year-old Michael was in the park with his dad. "Daddy why is all that money in that pond?" Daddy explained as he gave Michael a quarter, "you make a wish and throw your coin in the pond and don't tell anyone what you wished for and it might come true." So Michael hesitated for a moment, gave the quarter a good toss into the water and they went about their walk. A week or so later, next to a fountain, Michael asked for a coin to throw in. Reminded of the earlier wish, Daddy asked Michael if his wish had come true. Michael pushed up his sleeves, bent his wrists and mimicked Spiderman's web shooting and nothing happened. He dropped his arms pulled down his sleeves and simply answered "Nope", grabbed the coin that Daddy had produced from his pocket and through it in the fountain.


Jon said...

Awesome. A little super hero.

One day a couple years ago my daughter (she was about five or six) said to me, "Papa, when I go to heaven I'm going to be a Bible character."

"Which one?"

"A NEW one!"

Heh. I wish I had said "Well, you already ARE one!"

sam said...

I love that! That is exactly where we all should be.

Good Morning Jon, thanks for stopping by.

Jon said...

How's your Fall been? Got the harvest all in?

Our plans haven't come together yet, but we're still working on it.

In fact, we're looking at buying and living in an RV for a year. Just want to cut the ties from our "stuff" and see what true freedom feels like. Just not sure if I can do it without hating it.

(Also not sure how it would be to live in one of those for the winter months.)


sam said...

We have frost warnings for tomorrow night so we're getting the end of the harvest forced on us to some degree. Pumpkins and root crops will be there but we're losing alot of tomatoes. The garden looks spent and we're thankful for the bounty. The relationship between Leslie and I and the Havens' is very broken right now, still can't totally grasp what happened but look forward to the redemption.

The RV idea sounds great, the world is your backyard. I'm feeling you on that.