Friday, March 07, 2008


I listened to Richard Daukins (intentionally misspelled) this afternoon on NPR. Its a weakness to imagine that there is meaning to life. Why then does he bother to write books and go on radio? Its meaningless and a waste of his time. I think there is a little truth inside of every lie. Especially after I listened to him speak about the universe as if it is creating itself.

I don't know if I read this or if I heard it or if it just came to me so I'm not claiming it but if a person, most people, are looking for meaning in life then isn't that evidence that it is out there to find? You'd think that all of science and philosophy, the scientists and philosophers among the brightest and bravest, would just stop if we once found that meaning is not there yet we continue to explore the very idea that we explore.

Thank you dear God for this longing that I have in my heart for everything that is you.


Anonymous said...

If a meaning is out there to find, it means we are not shure that God is the correct answer to our questions, should we take God for granted we would have stopped searching already....
If you choose to stop searching because you feel that God is the ultimate answer it's simply your choice, as it has been in the past for those who believed in Zeus, Wotan and Thor.
You are yourself an atheist with respects to those gods, let us be atheists with respect to yours.


sam said...


thanks for posting. You don't need my permission to be an atheist with respect to any God. My post isn't against atheism, that path being as valid as any other to follow to the end of eternity of you must. My post is against the language that Daukins uses that is incongruous to his own 'belief'. If he believed what he claims to believe he wouldn't lift a finger to another keyboard nor give one more interview.