Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pakistan Considers Bill Condemning Muslim Apostates to Death |

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McDonnell pointed to a case of a Christian being unjustly harmed by the blasphemy law. A Christian boy was sentenced to death for writing blasphemy on the wall of a mosque. However, the boy was completely illiterate but was accused by Muslim “witnesses” of the crime. Under international pressure the boy was released but the family had to flee the country for fear of being lynched by mobs.
“Christians and other religious minorities are being roped into false cases under the blasphemy law. They are being murdered by zealots … This law is proving to be a sword hanging on the heads of non-Muslims and secular-minded people,” said All Pakistan Minorities Alliance in a statement.
“The blasphemy law needs to be amended, if not altogether repealed, because of its great misuse. The law has created an atmosphere of bigotry and intolerance …a sense of insecurity and harassment.”
Currently, Pakistani Christians in the northwest town of Charsadda are confronting the additional threat from extremists to shut down their churches and convert back to Islam by May 17 or face “dire consequences and bomb explosions,” according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide.
“Kindly pray for the protection and safety of Christians of Charsadda, who continue to remain in siege but undefeated spiritually and continue to uphold their faith in these difficult times,” wrote Shahbaz Bhatti, chairman of the All Pakistan Minorities Alliance, in a letter Friday.
“Kindly pray for government of Pakistan that God may provide them wisdom and courage to make sincere efforts to control the situation and violence.

I grieve our brothers and sisters in Pakistan, those living in persecution and those walking corpses that are instituting the anti-apostacy hate conspiracy. In dire times such as these it is only a little comforting to know that Christ's Kingdom is breaking in through the evil. I pray that in this suffering, for Christ's name, satan's cause be defeated and the red dragon of hatred be driven to ground where the strongman lies bound by the sacrifice of the lamb and the testimony of the faithful. I pray that the peace that passes all understanding strike fear in the hearts of those who persecute and they seek the strength and peace of the Holy Spirit rather than the destruction and death that would consume the entire world were it not for the blood of the lamb and the surrender of those whose blood wil be shed for Jesus.

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