Monday, April 23, 2007

What an Awesome Weekend

I'll post pics tomorrow but we had the most precious baby at our home Saturday night and part of the day Sunday. Her mom and aunt are friends of my daughter's. They have had a very rough childhood. The mom, Amber, just turned 17. Faith, her daughter is 8 mos. old. My daughter wanted to treat them (the sisters) to a movie so my wife took the three of them to a movie and when they got back we went and got Faith and they (the sisters and little Faith) stayed the night with us. I got a chance to really connect to the two sisters and played alot with Faith. I'll just say I cannot wait to pour into the lives of this family in any way I can. By the way it sounds we'll get lots of chances, starting with helping them move to another home that has more bedrooms for their mom, step-dad and their 4 step-brothers. Right now they are all living in a 2 bedroom home, well, its more like a barn that has been converted into a home.

I got to connect a little more with the kids across the street yesterday. A couple of neighbors came by to warn us to watch them - that is so awesome. The neighbors finally come outside in the warm weather and realize they've got a houseful of kids (in their twenties) in their neighborhood threatening to do something, well, like they used to when they were that age. It was great that Leslie could let the neighbors know that we know them well enough and we're not too concerned. She suggested they stop in and say hi.

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