Friday, October 27, 2006

Church and State

It is rather simple to read writings written by those signors of the Constitution of our fair land and find that most of them governed their lives suject to their faith in Jesus Christ. I'm not saying that it is a good thing to have a national church because wherever that's been tried in the past the church became much more like the government, in the most negative sense, and the government less like the church. What if all of those that have attempted to shoe their horse with the open part of the shoe pointed toward the front of the horse (separation between church and state means a state with no church) were tried as criminals for violating the constitution? What if someone that sued to get the 10 commandments covered up was tried as a criminal atheist? What if free speach ultimately meant what our founding fathers viewed as free speach and not as the porn industry calls free speach or freedom of expression?

What if this country was such a nice place to live that we no longer needed a Savior?

Prayerfully consider your vote. Vote as Jesus would but don't stress over everything, its in God's hands and he's on the job.


bluesbaby said...

Those people couldn't have imagined what freedom would have evolved into and if they had known, they would have probably opted for less freedom...sad though it may be. Their context for freedom was, like you said, within the context of faith in Christ...reliant upon HIM to effect right living in us, in society. Those people could not imagine de-evolving to the level of godlessness we have descended to. What would they say about how we dress? What we deem appropriate? Some would say we have grown more humane in our treatment of people on a large scale and indoor plumbing is a serious plus, but you know that brings me to something...We often idealize the past. Though I do think there were some ways the people of the past were more innocent, I don't think they were better than us. I think there is a finite amount of sin the world, it just changes location and shape. We think there's more, but the ways we sin just change.

Sam Clark said...

This post was a lash-out for me after getting flamed over separation of church and state on the United Methodist forum website. If you asked most Christians what has caused the downward slide of morality and ethics in the U.S. they would say things like "it is because the government regulation of prayer in schools", "the removal of the ten commandments in public places", "the gay lobby", etc. when all indications I've seen show the real reason is the church did not separate itself from the culture as the Bible teaches but rather tried to marry culture and the church while praying good triumphs over evil in spite of their error. Sin may be finite but I believe Christ's plan for us is to be separated from our sin by his death, not by social programs, anti-abortion laws, forced religious observance in schools, etc. I'm going to go print your poems for later reading now and get back to work. Thanks for the comment. Its good to know there are real heartbeats out there praying and thinking and worshipping and once in awhile reading your blog.